Color Changing Thermal Nail Polish

Achieve Different Nail Colours to Varying Temperatures Without Changing Nail Colours Every Day! 

Are you are a color-freak lady? Tired of changing nail polish color over and over? Create gorgeous looking nails at home with the Color Changing Thermal Nail Polish. Grab one now & have fun and flaunt mesmerizing mood nails!


  • COLORFUL MAGIC CHANGING: This is not an ordinary nail polish at all! It changes color itself according to body temperature and chemistry. This Color-Changing Thermal Nail Polish allows you to achieve 2-3 colors in just one bottle! Dip in cold or warm water and be amazed as it changes color! Watch and see how your friends react with your mood color nails!

  • NON-TOXIC & HARMLESS RESIN: No harmful materials used for a reassuring nail art experience. No worries about it damaging your nails. This fantastic nail polish is also quick to dry and long-lasting nail polish.

  • SPARKLING EFFECT: Shiny glitter mixed with colorful smooth glitter sparkle powder that is super shiny to show your gorgeous and elegant nails! Your nails will be focused wherever you go!

  • ENDLESS CREATIVE ART: It allows you to create beautiful nail designs in a short time. You won't regret buying these vibrant, colorful nail polish to create different nail arts! 

  • EASY APPLICATION: Apply base polish and let it dry for 1-2 minutes. Place another two or three coats after as you prefer. You are ready to be glamorous with it!